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Frequently Asked Questions

Working with Builders and Construction Firms

Steve Wilks

Managing Director

Steve has been involved with the building industry for over 35 years. We have compiled a list of the questions he gets asked most often by clients and prospects. These questions come from both returning clients and clients who are embarking on their first development project.

“How do I choose good reputable builders?”

“Is my budget realistic / how much will this cost?”

"What is the difference between an estimate and a quote?"

“How do I get a quotation?”

“What kind of plans and drawings do I need?”

“What is the process and what can you expect before the building work commences?”

“What is the process and what can you expect during the building work?”

“What is the process and what can you expect after completion of the building work?”

Your construction partner will request visits from the local authority Building Control Officer (BCO) at pre-arranged stages. Any issues will immediately be raised with you, or if there are none, then the next stage of build will commence. As long as all visits and inspections are carried out to the satisfaction of the BCO then, on completion, they will issue an official Completion Certificate. In addition to the inspections the construction firm will also need to obtain and supply a recognised Electircal Installation and Gas Safe certificate, both of which he will have obtained from his registered and approved installation partners. The Completion Certificate is required should you ever decide to sell your property, and as such should be kept safe. 

Within your schedule of works document there should also be an acceptance form. You and your construction partner should walk the project to ensure that all aspects have been completed to your satisfaction, and in accordance with the acceptance document. There should at this point be no surprises as your regular meetings and updates will have highlighted and rectified any issues long before now. Providing that you are satisfied, you should sign off, and on receipt of all cerificates etc. you should now settle your construction partner's Final Account and part company, hopefully on good terms.

Where a full contract has been used, or where you have previously agreed, there may be a small percentage of the build cost which you retained (usually between 2.5% and 5.0% of the total cost) from each invoice. This sum should be released to the firm following the agreed period (usually 3-6 months) and once the builder has snagged (rectified) any problems that may have arisenover the period since completion. Even if you have not used a full contract and there has been no retained sum, it is reasonable to expect a reputable firm to agree to return after a few months and correct any problems, free of charge.

“Do I need Planning Permission to extend my home?”

“Do I need Building Control approval to extend my home?” 

“Do I need an Architect to extend my home?”

"Can I supply fixtures and fittings?"

"What do I do if I wish to complain?"

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