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Frequently Asked Questions

Working with Builders and Construction Firms

Steve Wilks

Managing Director

Steve has been involved with the building industry for over 35 years. We have compiled a list of the questions he gets asked most often by clients and prospects. These questions come from both returning clients and clients who are embarking on their first development project.

“How do I choose good reputable builders”?

“Is my budget realistic / how much will this cost?”

"What is the difference between an estimate and a quote?"

“How do I get a quotation?”

“What kind of plans and drawings do I need?”

“What is the process and what can you expect before the building work commences”?

“What is the process and what can you expect during the building work”?

“What is the process and what can you expect after completion of the building work”?

“Do I need Planning Permission to extend my home”?

“Do I need Building Control approval to extend my home”? 

“Do I need an Architect to extend my home”?

"Can I supply fixtures and fittings?"

"What do I do if I wish to complain?"

In the first instance, you should approach your construction partner directly. They are in business to deliver to your requirements as originally agreed, and should be happy to discuss any issues you may have and should work with you towards a satisfactory conclusion. The majority of disputes arise through a lack of definition on requirements, which leads to interpretation, and therefore disagreement. This is why it is extremely important to sit down and discuss every aspect before work commences. 

Other areas where dispute rears it's head are changes to the specification, building control requests, or additions to scope. Dispute here tends to be around cost, and the overall impact to the project that these changes deliver, where there has been no commercial discussion around the change, yet it has just gone ahead. Again it is extremely important that you recognise that any change may impact cost or delivery and agree these up front before work commences.

Should the dispute go beyond your ability to negotiate with your construction firm, then Citizens Advice or your insurer would be good places to start, with the CAB giving good advice on the process that you should follow.

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