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How We Work

We usually work with Architects who are happy to recommend us to their Clients. We work with a number of Architects, and are happy to put you in touch with one if you are just about to embark on your journey. The Architects we work with see the process as a partnership. Our mutual Clients have a dream around their home. It is the Architect's role to turn this dream into a working set of plans. It is our role to work with both the Client and Architect to ensure that these plans can be delivered, that specialist materials, finishes, fixtures and fittings are incorporated into the plan, and that this is delivered within or to the budget allocated by the Client.

Our process involves working with our Client, the Architect, the Structural Engineers, and our suppliers and specialist fabricators. We project manage the process from start to finish, and liaise with all suppliers and fabricators to ensure that the correct materials are on site on the correct day. Different manufacturers have different needs with regards to fitment, and as such we ensure all requirements are met prior to any site surveys they need before install. In a similar fashion, different suppliers have different lead times in relation to delivery and fitment. We ensure that these are taken into account with regards to the managing project so that no individual component impacts your timeline.

Unit S4 
The Water Tower Site
Matching Airfield
Abbess Roding.
Essex CM5 0JL

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