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Why Are We Different?

Most small building firms are employed by homeowners to construct an extension to their home, or to remodel the interior layout. The builder is supplied with plans, and after negotiation around materials, finish, budget and timescale, a start date is agreed, build commences, and at some point the builders leave. Along the way there can be unforeseen problems, discussions, change of scope, and sometimes disagreements, and all of this leads to increased cost, changes to deadlines, materials, and completion dates.

This also describes the initial days with LSW, before we saw the light. We saw that working this way was expensive, both for us and the Client. Expensive for us, because we could not control our resources, and expensive for the Client, because delays and scope change mean more time, more money, and definitely more stress.

LSW decided that they would build their Company with the expressed objectives of delivering on time, and exactly to ther Clients' requirements, to a quality that would delight, and with the minimum of stress.

This ethos has led us to work with Architects who are happy to recommend us to their Clients. They do this because they see the process as a Partnership. You have a dream around your home or premises. It is the Architect's role to turn this dream into a working set of plans. It is our role to work with both you and the Architect to ensure that these plans can be delivered, at or within your budget.

Unit S4 
The Water Tower Site
Matching Airfield
Abbess Roding.
Essex CM5 0JL

Phone: +44 (0)1279 877 760