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What Do We Do?

We work in conjunction with our Clients and their Architects. Whether you are homeowner or business looking to extend, remodel, demolish or build from scratch we have a number of packages that can help you realise your dream.

As part of the initial design we sit as a team and discuss your dream. We brainstorm ideas surrounding the vision, fixtures and fittings, level of finish required, and choice of materials, along with any engineering or build challenges that these represent and discuss potential solutions.

It is only after this discussion that everyone is aware of the size of undertaking, required budget, and delivery timescale. It is this process that delivers assurance to you that your interests are being served and that not only do we understand, but are equipped to deliver exactly to your vision.

Throughout the build process, and at every stage we liaise directly with the you and your Architect. We believe communication is key, and as such issue weekly reports to all parties outlining progress, any items requiring decision or consideration and timeline implications (including on-track/ahead of schedule etc.). We take the build personally, and employ teams of craftsmen to ensure that your high standards are met.

Should the process take place while you remain within the property, then we ensure that at the end of each day, all debris, dust, and materials are cleared away, or rooms sealed from the rest of the living space to reduce dust ingress as much as possible.

Your satisfaction with the process, and our staff is equally important to us as your delight with your completed dream. Our objective is to deliver exactly to your requirements but with the minimum of stress.

Unit S4 
The Water Tower Site
Matching Airfield
Abbess Roding.
Essex CM5 0JL

Phone: +44 (0)1279 877 760