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Frequently Asked Questions

Working with Builders and Construction Firms

Steve Wilks

Managing Director

Steve has been involved with the building industry for over 35 years. We have compiled a list of the questions he gets asked most often by clients and prospects. These questions come from both returning clients and clients who are embarking on their first development project.

“How do I choose good reputable builders?”

“Is my budget realistic / how much will this cost?”

"What is the difference between an estimate and a quote?"

When speaking to your construction partner (or within the shortlist process) there are two different costings that you can discuss. The first is an estimate. An estimate is exactly that. Your builder will know from experience of working on similar properties roughly what your overall cost is likely to be. If he has taken on projects in your area in the past he will be familiar with the planning requirements, and any local topographical issues that may need to be taken into account. If you know whether you have special design considerations, or particular fittings, he will also be able to deliver a rough guide. An estimate should however be used for budgeting purposes only, and should only be used as a guide. Generally an estimate can be turned around within several days.

The only way to know exactly the cost of your project is to request a quote. This is an in-depth process, and your builder will generally need some of your time as well as using his own to complete a fully costed quote correctly. In order to obtain a fully costed quote you need to supply the construction firm with full construction drawings, structural engineering plans, supply and outlet plans, (gas, electricity, water and waste), any specific design features, specialist fixtures and fittings, and decoration considerations such as tiling and flooring requirements. Items such as fitted kitchens, and bathroom, toilet, and shower room considerations should also be included.

“How do I get a quotation?”

“What kind of plans and drawings do I need?”

“What is the process and what can you expect before the building work commences?”

“What is the process and what can you expect during the building work?”

“What is the process and what can you expect after completion of the building work?”

“Do I need Planning Permission to extend my home?”

“Do I need Building Control approval to extend my home?” 

“Do I need an Architect to extend my home?”

"Can I supply fixtures and fittings?"

"What do I do if I wish to complain?"

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